12 Responses to “Installing Multiple WordPress Blog on GoDaddy Shared Hosting Server”

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  5. Jables says:

    thanks, worked great!

  6. Finally! A up-to-date post on how to get this accomplished! Thanks so much!!! Worked perfect! I looked around all day trying to figure this out!

  7. Justin Valer says:

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  8. Bikas says:

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  9. Seth says:

    This worked really well, my only question is that when I start navigating in my site I get the directory listing of that domain. In other words:

    I navigate to http://www.mydomain.com. Perfect

    but if I click on any link it lists it as:


    Anyway to avoid that?

  10. Bikas says:

    Please read my latest blog which fixes this issue…

  11. Andrew says:

    Ok I think I got everything but want to make sure. I have WordPress installed for my domain, say domain1.com. I want to install another newer version of WordPress to test some plugin’s with the custom theme I created.

    So, can I install newer version of WordPress at something like domain1.com/mytestsite and follow these same directions without affecting my main live site domain1.com?

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