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Like numerous hobbies out there, movie fandom is no less. If you can’t let a movie go after you watch it and wonder what awards were given to the film, its budget, what people were starring in it, at what age the actors played in the movie, when they were born, in what other films they participated, then you are a movie enthusiast and you have the potential to be a serious movie-goer. By working up a little bit on your habits, you can also be a “Walking Encyclopedia” of movies. I am not saying I am a movie expert and I already have enough tips for newbies who want to be called as movie fans. But I love movies like anything and I just want to share some tips that I have acquired in last few days. I hope this can help you.

Tip #1:
How To Choose A Movie: As you are already in the path of a delightful hobby, you have to keep track of time. There are several movies which are not worth your memory and they are supposed to be avoided. Remember, you are not any critic who is being paid to watch movie. So save your time for the good memorable ones.

For every form of art there are two categories. MASS and CLASS.

Mass is what is welcomed by the general people who don’t check for extraordinary or an authentic storytelling and only look for entertainment. Class is what is considered to be excellence in rendition, perfection in one way or in many. Movies that stay in your mind even after hours and days you have seen it.

Make sure you are a CLASS fan, because the mass production of cinema is uncountable and when in future you will realize that you are on the wrong lane, you would have lost a large amount of your time. It doesn’t matter how much movies you have seen but what kind or quality you have seen. I would suggest, first finish the existing classics. You will find the list in numerous online polls and forums. IMDb.com, AFI, Empire etc have their list of top movies in different genres. Find them and collect them. Although all the movies may not inspire you in the same manner, you won’t regret watching them. They have made into the lists because they have excelled in some factors. The way “The Shawshank Redemption” tops a list is different from the reason “Citizen Kane” does.

If you are intending to watch a particular movie, you should collect some info and reviews on it first. Read critic’s comments as well as viewer’s comments. Generate a reasonable cause and then watch the movie. To find all the basic info about a movie IMDb is the best. Sometimes Wikipedia also helps a little bit.

Tip #2:
How to Watch a Movie: Watching movie is just like reading literature. What movie lacks comparing to literature is the viewer’s imagination. if you are reading a novella you are in your imaginary world with the writer’s narration but in case of a movie you don’t have to use imagination or anything except your senses.

Be open minded and unbiased when watching movies. Avoid prejudice.

(For e.g.: When watching “American History X”, you are watching from a Skinhead’s point of view and when watching “The Pianist”, you are having a Jew’s view.)

As watching movie won’t earn you money, you can’t afford watching movies all the day but you have to watch some in a while. So, make yourself a schedule. May be every alternate day, in every third day, on early weekend, whatever may suit you. I don’t believe in the watch-when-free concept. By making a schedule you will concentrate on the movie and there will be less chance of intrusion. Watch in a devoted instinct so that you won’t have to watch the movie repeatedly to get the plot. Keep your eyes on props and small details so you will not miss any important thing.

Take an example, when watching The Fifth Element, you must notice the last stick in the matchbox when Korben Dallas is talking to his mother over phone in the beginning. In the climax he needs fire and the last stick comes to mind. When you will watch movies from masters like Christopher Nolan, David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino or Alfred Hitchcock, this practice will help.

Tip #3:
Aftermath and Intervals: After watching a movie, you must need sometimes to think over it, update your opinion, and change your prejudice. Check what others say about the movie and remember what you could have missed out to judge.

If you are watching a new movie next, then try a movie showing much contrast with the previous. Like, if you recently saw a thriller, don’t try a thriller very soon. Try a sci-fi or romantic comedy. Human mind is sensitive towards variety and we should take care of it. Some people plan to see the entire filmography of a particular actor or director. To be honest that’s the worst idea a movie buff can have. Once during my college day I planned to watch all the James Bond movies and rented all the volumes. I watched 22 of them in a row. Guess what, today I think George Lazenby is in many Bond movies, Sean Connery befriended Art Malik and many more hallucinations that takes me away from giving a valid comment on Bond franchise. But this doesn’t happen in case of movies with sequels. There are many trilogies, quadrologies which are great when watched in a row.

Tip #4:
Sharing and Discussion: It’s always better to share knowledge to gain more. There are more movie maniacs in the world than we can imagine. Even the lonely guy in your neighborhood may be a good movie buff. Share your view with others. Visit online forums and take part in discussions. They are good places to get introduced to many world movies which are under rated. Develop your way of thinking and analyzing power. Read other’s reviews profoundly to find out what they have noticed that you haven’t.

Visit Film Festivals to get introduced to new people with similar taste. You also will get to know many new and veteran talented movie makers in these places.

Tip #5:
Contributing: Always support good movies with artistic value. Study them. Introduce others to the movies that you thought worth mentioning.

It’s also necessary to know the bad movies too. That’s how you can distinguish them from the good ones. So try all possible genres you can and try to recall movies you saw months before. It’s a good exercise for memory and you don’t know when you will become a “Walking Encyclopedia”.

Some Websites to Help Yourself:


IMDb is the most visited and popular site for movie buffs all over the world.


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Rottentomatoes is the most respected site for movie reviews.

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