First of all to create an application and to get the Application ID and the Secret Key, you must log into MySpace. If you don’t have an account, create one. Thereafter follow the following steps which will guide you to get your application:

  1. After you login to your myspace account go to There you will see a box saying get started

    Click on “Start Building”.
  2. You will be lead to “Create App” page as below

    Click on “Create On-Site App”.
  3. Then a page will appear where you need to give a title to your application and other details

    Then click next.
  4. You will land to “Edit App Gadget XML” page. You will get the application id here.

    Click on “Edit App Information”.
  5. You will be lead to a page where you will be required to fill in the details for your application

    Remember to fill in the Install Callback URL and also upload the small icon and large icon, else you will not be able to publish you application later. You will get the OAuth Consumer Secret in the OAuth Setting

    Click save.
  6. Then click on “My Apps” on the menu bar to view you application and publish

Hope this one is useful to you guys there… :)

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