Road to Sangam – Journey of a Vaishnav Jan

On April 21, 2010, in Movies, by pkmahanand

Road to Sangam tells us the story of righteousness over fundamentalism, truth, human relation over religion. It gives a genuine message of love to the humankind. This film is not an eye opener for only fundamentalist Muslims but for everyone who ignores humanity while following a religion. It reminds us to seek the truth and ask a question before accepting anything blindly.

As supported by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, India Islamic Cultural Centre, Gandhi Peace Foundation etc this movie doesn’t gives a feeling of documentary movie but an independent story to get involved with. The way of presenting a sensitive theme is admirable by Amit Rai. Paresh Rawal is brilliant in his character; Om Puri is normal in a small but appreciable role. But all the rest actors are not convincing. May be they are regional actors. Some scenes are not looking genuine. Cinematography could have been better. Songs are mainly hymn type, but very soothing and appropriate also. Especially “Alla ishvar naam tero” is a nice number to listen in Kavita’s voice. Not to mention I always admired Sandesh Sandilya.

I recommend this film to everyone, watch at least once, ignore the technical clichés and you will feel yourself delighted. Try to find the message within and you will feel it’s not a movie but an experience.