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On August 11, 2010, in Movies, by pkmahanand

Movies are the kind of entertainment which we can enjoy alone or in a group. When I say “in a group” I should say “like minded group” instead. Like a brief discussion after a cricket match, a discussion after watching a movie also reduces the queries. When you are a moviegoer, you always want a place to discuss. It can be anyone but sadly movie goers always are isolated. A majority of the population thinks that movies are for entertainment and it has nothing to do with art. The art of story telling, or choreography or any other factor is overlooked by general audience.

Any movie with a different theme is regarded as an outclassed one. Only a few people who can think say it’s a creative one. I have heard many people saying this movie is bad that movie is good. How can that be justifiable? As Wilde said “there is no book as bad or good, they are either well written or badly written”. I say it exactly goes with movies too.
“There is no good movie or bad movie. Either it’s well made or poorly made.”

Months before I saw Stanley Kubrik’s Lolita. Most of my friends including me don’t have enough time and interest in books so we prefer movies adapted from books or classic literature. Lolita is also an adaptation one from Vladimir Nabokov’s book of same name. Most of my friends said they disliked the concept. Why???? Coz they couldn’t accept an older man seducing a far younger teenager girl. They thought it’s like pedophile. I am sure these kinds of people cause controversies when something with a different taste comes to the market. I don’t understand why they convict Prof Humbert of pedophile while they applause for Leon and Matilda’s relation.

It depends on the person’s sense of acceptance during the period of watching. Otherwise the same person liking Leon: The Professional can’t dislike movie like Lolita.

Film makers tell us a story. What matters is the way they tell us. Story and plot can be anything. If we consider Quentin Tarantino’s movies he never emphasizes his stories but characters and situations. The amount of tension went high when I showed some of my friends (not the same) Chan-wook Park’s Old Boy. Everyone asked me how a movie like this can have such a cult status and a place in the IMDb top list? I say what is wrong in that movie? Old Boy is one of the best movies made in history in my opinion. The plot contains materials of incest between Brother-sister and father-daughter. I know that’s is bad thing but the way Park told the story is brilliant. The actor’s portrayals of characters are unbeatable.

Just because we didn’t like a plot, it doesn’t give enough causes to hate that entire movie. We know that drug dealing and ruthless killing is also bad. Then why do we remember Tony Montana every time we talk about mafia movies????

People say movies are the face and voice of society. I strongly condemn it. LITERATURE is voice of society, not movie. The concept of changing society through cinema is a big failure. I have talked with numerous people whether they get any message from movies and the very common answer I got is “movies are supposed to entertain people. Who cares about the message” or “It happens in movies only”. Believing in miracles is a dream in real life. Since more than 50 years cinemas are giving message on Love. But what is the status of a loved couple in our society? Hated and outclassed? It surely indicates that message through movies don’t work.

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Road to Sangam – Journey of a Vaishnav Jan

On April 21, 2010, in Movies, by pkmahanand

Road to Sangam tells us the story of righteousness over fundamentalism, truth, human relation over religion. It gives a genuine message of love to the humankind. This film is not an eye opener for only fundamentalist Muslims but for everyone who ignores humanity while following a religion. It reminds us to seek the truth and ask a question before accepting anything blindly.

As supported by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, India Islamic Cultural Centre, Gandhi Peace Foundation etc this movie doesn’t gives a feeling of documentary movie but an independent story to get involved with. The way of presenting a sensitive theme is admirable by Amit Rai. Paresh Rawal is brilliant in his character; Om Puri is normal in a small but appreciable role. But all the rest actors are not convincing. May be they are regional actors. Some scenes are not looking genuine. Cinematography could have been better. Songs are mainly hymn type, but very soothing and appropriate also. Especially “Alla ishvar naam tero” is a nice number to listen in Kavita’s voice. Not to mention I always admired Sandesh Sandilya.

I recommend this film to everyone, watch at least once, ignore the technical clichés and you will feel yourself delighted. Try to find the message within and you will feel it’s not a movie but an experience.