Get API Key for Gigya Socialize

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Gigya Socialize API Key

Gigya Socialize is a very useful tool to connect with different social networks and promote your site. You just need to get an API key from Gigya to start with. Just follow the following simple steps to get one.

  1. Go to the homepage of Gigya and just click “Get Started” on the banner or “Create Account” at the right hand side top corner.

  2. You will land to the following “Register Page”.

    If you already have an account with Gigya, just sign in. No need to create a new account. Remember, all the fields are mandatory if you are  registering new. After filling in all the required fields, check the agreement clause and submit.
  3. On submiting, you will land on the “Get Started” page showing Partner ID and Secret Key.

    Click on the Show API Key to get the get. Then you need to edit the settings for your application.
  4. On clicking edit, you will land on the “Site Setup” page

    Click on the Edit buttons to feed in the informations of different social sites.

    To get the API Key and Secret keys for different social networks follow the following links –
    My Space

    Then save the settings and you are ready.

Hope this helps you… :)

simple-twitter-connect callback url

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ToA�popularizeA�your blog one of the ways are by connecting your blog to social networks. Here we will see how we connect our blog to Twitter using Simple Twitter Connect.

Follow the following steps to install Twitter Connect to your Blog:

  1. 1st of all you need to have an account with Twitter. If you don’t have one create it. Then go to the profile page and complete all the details required. If you already have an account with Twitter then you can straight away go to the next step.
  2. After you login into your account go to “Settings”.

  3. Go to “Connections” and under Developers section click for new applications or edit application.

  4. A page with title Applications Using Twitter will open with a link “Register a new application”. Click it.

  5. Then the “Register an Application” page will open where you need to provide all the informations required. Give a name to your application, a small description. The URL of the website where the application is to be installed where the users can use it. The website of your organisation or company. Choose “Browser” for Application Type. Mention the callback url. It will be the same as where you want to install that is your blogs url.For “Default Access Type” choose “Read & Write Mode”. You may check “Use Twitter Login”. This will enable you to login to your blog directly using user id and password of Twitter account. Then save.

  6. Then you will be lead to your applications page where you will find certain informations regarding your application. Copy the Consumer Key & Consumer Secret.

  7. Then login in into your blog control panel and in the “Plugins” section click on “Add New”.

  8. Search for “Simple Twitter Connect” and install it. Then follow to its settings page.

  9. In the settings apply the Consumer Key & Consumer Secret that you copied from Twitter Application page.

  10. Activate all the pulgins in the “Installed Plugins” page which appeared after installing Simple Twitter Connect.

  11. Then under the “Appearance” go to “Editor” in the control panel. Then choose the “Comments” editor or any other page where you want the Twitter button to come from the right hand list and paste the following code:
    <div id=”comment-user-details”><?php do_action(‘alt_comment_login’); ?></div>

  12. Save and logout and visit your blog and click on individual post to see the changes.

Hope this post prove helpful to you guys :)

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