I have been recruiting few students from Bhubaneswar for a Leading Call Center at Gurgaon, while the interview process was to being after 7 days, I decided to call all the short listed candidates to my class and started communicating, to my surprise most of the students were having MTI (Mother Tongue Influence). The Candidates with MTI are rejected at the very first level of interaction as the job was for International Call center. So I decided to take a small crash workshop on improving the neutral accent (which is accepted) and reduce MTI. Some guys were very severe in MTI needed long vocal work out practice, whereas some were close to the lines whom the selectors may take for 2nd round. In MTI people stress on a particular word speech such as WEEEEEEEEEE, memmmmmmmm, theeeeeeee, etc. I found that for normal accent one has to practice pronouncing words several times in a period to get easy flow and another was the improvisation giving phrase and the students need to develop a story in five minutes and speak with expression and voice modulation. People need to enjoy speaking and practicing. Surely one can get lots of speaking ability and fearlessness.

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